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Don’t worry about the ducks disappearing into the environment – we are obsessed about the environment and sustainability – so the environmental management aspect of this event was very high on our list.

Believe it or not, there are manufacturing standards for Rubber Ducks!  So for a start, the ducks we are using conform to this standard (relating to colour, toxicity etc.).

Secondly, no ducks will be left behind (sort of like in the movie Forrest Duck).  The ducks will race in a swimming lane roped off area – and will be collected by hand at the end of the race (they will be re-used for next years race).  The race way will be double roped at the beginning and end of the race (to capture any sly ducks trying to escape the race way). On top of this, we also have a boat and a jet-ski patrolling outside the immediate race area to pick up any stray ducks who try to make a bid for freedom.

Additionally, there is then an additional boat stationed a bit further down the river in case after all of these ducktastic measures one duck still manages to slip through…

Finally, we will (weather permitting) have a drone operating over the race way to ensure that we have an aerial view of the race at all times to ensure that if – after all of these measures – somehow we miss a duck.  It will be tracked from the air and a boat or jet-ski dispatched to pick it up.