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The Legals

We know that you would like to be sure that everything about the event is above board (especially Duck Dash, with over $30,000 prizes on offer!), and that the money raised is really going to a charity.

Quackfest 2016 has it’s own Development Application, and you can view this online at

Duck Dash does not require an Office of Liquor and Gaming license, but we are running the event as if it did have to get one, while our charities that we donate the money to is also regulated by the Department of Fair Trading (NSW). In this section, you will find details of:

(a)   Our Authority to Fundraise (for both the Shoalhaven Education Fund and SAHSSI)

(b)   Details of our Auditors (who independently verify the accounts and donations made)

(c)    Details of when and where we will publish the details of the prize winners

(d)   The overall Terms and Conditions of the Duck Dash part of Quackfest.

Authority to Fundraise

SEF – Authority to Fundraise |  SAHSSI – Authority to Fundraise

Event Auditors

Mr. Michael Lees, Partner, Morton and Cord, 21 Moss Street Nowra

Prize Winner Details

We will publish details of all prize winners in the South Coast Register by early-October (it will take us a while to count all the ducks!). We will also publish winners on this website (, our Facebook Page and Twitter Feeds. However, 1st through 5th prize winners will also be announced on the day.

Terms and Conditions